The LuxuRee Experience

Hello Beautiful ! 

Welcome to The LuxuREE Experience! I’m Sharice, your lash technician. 

What is The LuxuREE Experience? 

The LuxuREE Experience is a house brand catering to all things beautiful and luxurious. The LuxuREE Experience is all about opulence and bringing out your inner beauty. Everyone deserves to feel luxurious and I am at your service. The services here are top notch and EXCLUSIVE. 

The LuxuREE Experience was founded by Sharice in 2018.  Sharice has been interested in the beauty industry since a young child and is able to embark on her journey into the industry as a lash artist.

One of the many service’s to be offered under The LuxuREE Experience umbrella are premium luxury eyelash extensions. 

Here at The LuxuREE Experience, we offer the highest quality service to leave you looking, and feeling your best. Used are the finest mink lashes and techniques to keep your natural lashes protected while providing the highest quality service and products. We offer three variations of mink eyelash extensions, The Charlotte York, The Kim and Viva La Rue. 

The LuxuREE Experience also provides a wide variety of Strip lashes to cater to your needs as well. 

The LuxuREE Strips Are made up of three collections of eyelash strips, each providing three variations of styles to cater to all of the luxurious women.  The three collections are The Opulence Collection, The Starr Collection and The Nude Collection. 

As The LuxuREE Experience expands as a brand, after any requests to service a broader clientele we have branched off to offering tutorials as well as E-Learning and 1:1 training courses. 

Being a lash artist, it is very important to me to contribute and do my part in the lash artistry community. I can do that through knowledge, where I offer E-learning tutorials and books. E-learning consists of “How To” videos, Lash Map Books and Vendors list’s for learning and practicing lash artists. All E-learning content is instantly downloaded straight to your devices. 

The contribution does not stop with E-Learning. 1:1 lash courses are offered as well. Here you will learn all there is to know about becoming a lash artist, building your brand, and how to maneuver in this industry. Students are provided fully loaded lash kits, hands on training, mannequin training, manuals, techniques as well as all of the E-Learning material as a physical hard copy. 

Education, practice and quality are most important. 

Educating myself so I can better educate you the client or aspiring lash artist. 

Practice makes perfect, we are humbled by the mistakes we make in life. I practice my craft day in and day out to ensure variety and versatility as a lash artist to cater to each clients needs individually. 

Quality. Quality is the key to any great product or service. At The LuxuREE Experience you will receive the highest quality in any service rendered and purchase made. Providing quality top notch service is a promise of The Luxuree  Experience. 

Thank you for your continued support, and come grow with us. 

For all business inquiries please email: 

[email protected] 

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